28 June 2014

The recesses of our minds attract those who try to harm us

What is worse? Someone being openly rude or someone working to your detriment underhandedly? I much prefer if someone does not like me to keep away from me. But some destructive agents get involved in negative subversive ways, working quietly to undermine you and to create doubts and insecurities within you. Too bad, cos I can spot these from a mile. I stop them in their tracks and I highlight what they had just done. Then I see their reaction. Could be a genuine mistake. Most often - a surprise for being caught so quickly. Have not had these for a long long time, and was just drawing the conclusion that we create our own reality and when we have a clear vision of where we are going, and who we are, then we attract only those who are aligned with our vision and our true authentic selves. But today I met one of those and that tells me - eliminate the weeds whatever left in my mind, if there weren't any I would not be attracting weeds. Still it was a good going, have not met anyone of that kind since December 2013 - an ex working subversively and subliminally to send me in a space of doubting my value and self-worth. A trojan horse - making his way to my heart with songs of beautiful future and opening the gates of my heart gently and without a force, then working slowly, but persistently to erase my confidence and pride. Why? Because I'm disciplined, I work out regularly, I'm fit, and it was getting to him that my training is sacred and a priority. He was so jealous to see me doing well, being liked by everyone. And yesterday my daughter shared that her boyfriend told her that she was boring because she goes to the gym regularly. She told him ok, so to be exciting - should I do cocaine or get drunk?  I strongly advised her to dump him there and then cos this is so horrible when a man dislikes the positivity in a woman and does not feel comfortable to see her doing well. Ladies there are so many of that kind - beware! If a man is not supporting your positive endeavours and gets insecure within himself when you do well - dump him straight away. He has a rotten heart. He got removed from the premises of my heart without a blink. But today a business contact behaved in that way and telling me how much she cared that I succeed but she could not help me, fully knowing that she can help me. It was much better for her soul to have said - sorry but I don't like you and I don't want to help you. That is honest. Clearing meditation tonight. Golden light washing the mind, washing the body. Got to clear out the remaining weeds. And thank you God for all the good and beautiful people I have met since last December. Hare Krishna Jai Jesus Shanti shanti   

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