4 July 2013

Supporting victims of domestic violence

My life was relatively easy until I decided to start giving to a charity. So I made a phone call today to Women's Aid, which is my favourite charity because the subject of domestic violence is very dear to my heart. After being passed from pillar to post for about 15 minutes by people who sounded like they've never spoken to a business woman in their life, finally I got through to the right person. She began questioning me why I want to support the charity in an intrusive way which felt like I was interrogated in a police station. After which she said that my motivation was unclear because I asked for a small badge to put on the website to show that I am supporting this charity. So I got a motivational assessment as well. Then she told me I had to fill in an application form explaining my reasons why I wanted to support the charity and where my profits come from. All in all, it was one of the most unpleasant phone calls I've had in my life, and 2 hours later I am still bemused by the hostility and judgement I encountered which felt like a slap in my face for wanting to contribute to them 5% of my sales! I was treated with suspicion as if I was a drug dealer trying to launder money. She sounded incompetent, hostile to business and thinking herself as someone on a higher moral ground.

Do I want to give my hard earned money to a bunch of incompetent, hostile and confused people? No. Not only because of the way the spoke to me today. But their unreasonable conduct made me question how good they are at working on their cause, our mutual cause.

It is a pity that some charities are hostile to business, and haven't got a clue how to treat business, and have no social grace to conduct a respectable conversation with someone who is willing to help them. Of course they have to make their own assessments but saying to someone in their face - "your motivation is unclear and we need to check where your profits come from", is not the way to warm the heart of the giver. In fact my heart is now closed. Not to the cause. But to Women's Aid. When they rethink their approach to businesses and develop more skills in talking with businesses I will return to them. Now I am moving on to other favourite charities.

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