30 September 2013

Fine Dining at Gilgamesh London

I can't wait to get rich so I can do some more fine dining mm that is really my kind of thing. I hate cheap places with a passion. In a cheap place everyone behaves in a cheap way - getting drunk, spilling drinks, pushing others, talkingloud in the toilets, getting over familiar and asking silly questions. Yes it's the interviewing questions that I can't stand most. Even if you are arrested you have the right to say 'no comment'. Then when I reply 'what makes you think that I want to talk to you?' they get so affected as if it is the last thing they expected. So last night I went to wonderful Gilgamesh http://www.gilgameshbar.com/and that really gladdened my heart and my uplifted my soul. Why? For starters I like expensive drinks because the logic is simple - if drinks are expensive people will be drinking less and the less they drink the better they will behave. Then added to that is the luxurious atmosphere which demands respect. It is almost like walking in a temple. The beauty and the amount of effort that has gone into making it beautiful, deserve and demand respect. And yes, everyone behaves in a respectful manner and everyone gives the best of themselves. No silly questions, but the curious looks from a distance which reminded me of old school Europe, the way expensive restaurants were 20 years ago - perfectly dressed gentlemen smoking cigars and staring but never allowing themselves the luxury to get close and personal. So after two lovely cocktails at the bar my friend and I were taken to our table, made of sensual mahogany and chairs engraved with Babylonian symbols which made me feel like a Priestess - the burning incense perpetuating this momentary self-delusion. Then perfectly mannered waiters arrived and started fussing over us, goodness, why five waiters were serving us I don't know, but I really enjoyed that and that was exactly what the doctor ordered. Only days ago I was thinking how badly I needed to be spoiled and served, and having my feet massaged. Then I asked the universe to deliver something of that kind as soon as possible. So apart from foot massage, I got everything else tenfold and now feeling recharged and ready for another hard-working week. My friend and I had a wonderful time. Resistant edges between us were smoothed out by this finely painted night and issues that had tarnished our relationship for years faded out in the soft glowing ambience. This is Esther Hicks's momentum - when one thing works well everything else follows suit and we've got a chain reaction. All things and beings are connected. May my gladness become yours. Swaha♥ May the good times roll. Swaha ♥ Long live the good life! Swaha ♥