15 December 2015

Seat your consciousness in your body like sitting in a luxury car

10 May 2015

Natural Breast Enlargement with Kigelia and White Grapes

Bilka uses white grapes properties to firm and tone skin in its anti-cellulite gel and breast firming gel, which also enlarges the breasts by virtue of its main ingredient – African plant Kigelia.  Kigelia is used in African tribes to enlarge male sexual organs and female breasts.  The rich content of flavonoids and phytohormones promote breast fat division and multiply the skin cells and strengthen the breasts elastic fibre leading to firmer, perter and larger breasts.  Kigelia enlarges, firms and lifts breasts without the need for any cosmetic surgery or hormonal treatment and it is becoming appreciated as the gift of Nature among its female and male following.  Half of Bilka's customers are men, and five so far have bought the breast enlarging gel, clearly for its enlarging properties, which are well known in the tribes in West and South Africa. 
Kigelia and White Grapes Breast Enlarging Gel 

11 February 2015

Dogs and Cats Meat Production Must End in 2015

We are 200 Chinese activists rescuers of dogs and cats from the Chinese slaughterhouses【求吉林志愿者端点!!】吉林省长春市农安县合隆镇小西沟屯有一个活犬屠宰场,那里每天最少宰杀一车狗,少则四五百,多则一千多。狗的来源是外地整车拉去,狗的种类很多包括大型犬、小型犬、名贵犬,有怀孕的母狗,有三四个月大的小狗,大多为流浪狗。待宰的狗狗因为恐惧、饥饿、伤痛发出声声惨叫,宰杀现场惨不忍睹。 因为长期的污染和狗的惨叫严重的影响了附近的老百姓的生活,他们也多次反应要求取缔。There is a slaughterhouse in Changchun, Jilin province north China, it kills a truck dogs, at least four hundred to thousands every day. Dogs are transported to here from other provinces, including all kinds of dogs, small dogs, big dogs, pregnant dogs and small puppies, most of them are stray dogs. Dogs are in hunger and fear, screaming every day. The slaughterhouse caused dogs scream and pollution that affects the people living in nearby. We all want to ban the slaughterhouse. Please help us to rescue the dogs and to shut down the chinese slaughterhouses. Donate via paypal to rescuedogsandcats@yahoo.com.  Thank you for your support.