18 August 2013

Illuminating Training Session Today

Hi All! How was your Sunday? I had a fantastic training session with an athlete. I was mentally prepared to hear all kinds of things I do wrong. But on the contrary, she said that everything I do is right. She praised me for the order of the exercises and how I keep warmed up during training by skipping on a rope when I start going cold, which for me was just intuitive cause I hate wearing jackets during training. 

I complained to her that for 10 years of regular training I have had only very small progress, and my body is always the same. She said that for a once a week training my results are normal. If you are not putting in the hours every day, but train only once a week like me, she said that is just for maintenance and it's not possible to bring bigger results. So she said I either have to increase my hours of training in the week or be satisfied with the average level. So now I have to revisit seriously my daily routine and try fit at least another training session midweek. 

I so love the good feeling I get from being fit and feeling good in my skin. Not only that, but whatever problems I have all evaporate during training, and I regain my focus and stay grounded and centred. Once you get in your inner centre, you are untouchable, invincible. No one nothing can get to you, disturb you, upset you. That is the much bigger benefit of training. And that is why it deserves a bigger slot in my life. Share your thoughts. How do you feel after training?