22 June 2014

Bilka on Holiday - Sailing at 3 knots, Sant Carles, Spain

Louise Gylsen, Bilka Skincare

Louise Gylsen, Bilka skincare

How is everyone?

I'm on a holiday now, enjoying sailing and visiting unfamiliar ports on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.  

Weather and wind are unpredictable and changeable, and I am learning how to sails at different knots of wind.  This video shows laid-back gliding along at 3 knots which was lucky for us that we weren't in a rush.  But if we wanted to get somewhere - this weak wind would have been a problem.  How to sail at such weak wind?  Well we have a surfing sail which we put later on but I didn't manage to take a picture as the sun got very hot and burned my shoulders. But this is what it looks like - in the pic below.

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