28 June 2014

Golden Light Meditation

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Golden Light meditation: sit down comfortably, imagine gold light starts pouring onto you, your hair, it is a liquid gold light. So it pours onto you and it wets your hair, face, neck, shoulders, arms, breasts, back, belly. More and more golden light pours onto you. It wets your entire back, your breasts, belly, your waist, your hips, your legs, your knees, calves, feet, gold light pours onto you more and more and it wets your whole body. It starts washing you, it washes your hair, it washes your face, it washes you neck, it washes your shoulders, it washes your back, it washes your breasts, it washes your belly, the gold light washes your hips, washes your legs, your knees your heels your feet. Liquid gold light washes you and you observe how the gold liquid turns collects all the impurities from your hair, from your body and it turns greyer from the collection of these impurities. Observe how grey it turns, is it just a little bit a tint of grey in the gold or is a darker shade. And you let the gold light wash you until there is no more grey in it and it is pure gold light. After you are washed on the outside then let the gold light enter your body inside. 

More and more golden light pours onto you but now it also enters your body from the top of your head. You observe it how it enters the skull and it starts washing the brain, then it goes to the eye balls, washes the eye balls, then it goes to the throat, washes the throat and then it enters the inside of your body and washes all the organs there in your body. So you continue imagining how it washes every individual organ and you focus on those which you wish. Then after your body inside has been washed there is no more grey in the gold liquid, you go back to the brain and you observe what is happening there and whether there is grey left in the liquid gold that is washing your brain. Imagine that liquid falling away from you, going into a river and the river dissolving the dirty liquid, and taking it away and away from you. So keep doing this until the gold light washing your brain becomes pure gold and there is no more dirt. While washing the brain you observe what the gold light is washing away: a certain memory, a certain prejudice, a certain judgement, a certain lack of faith, you observe them and you know exactly what is being washed away from your brain. To this day after so many meditations of gold light I still see grey in the gold and that shows how useful it is to keep doing it and keep doing it. Om shanti   

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