5 May 2014

How to know the true path for you

How awesome that a nice momentum is building in my life, shouting very loudly that it is the correct path to take. I pick up the phone, I get a voice on the other side willing and able to help me for a change. Then that phone call leads to another phone call and to another phonecall, which led to the emergence of a sparkly sexy itinerary for my holiday, which fuels me with desire. Called the ferry company to get a ticket, it was the last ticket for about 10 days, if it had gone, I would have had to delay leaving for 10 days!!! If that is not a clear and loud message 'Go', I don't know what is. Then a couple of messages on fb and found inspiring friends to join. The universe is conspiring to help me get out of my prison and liberate me in a nice, soft, gentle way, so that I can heal from the emotional disaster of this year so far, which made me very ill. And I observe how everything is unfolding in front of my eyes and I can't believe it. Because my issue was finances, how to get money together to allow me not to work for some time, etc, etc. But suddenly this is no longer an issue. And I am watching in amazement how divine intervention is laying down a red carpet in front of me and inviting me to take this very unknown path to me - a long holiday, no fixed arrangements for accommodation, fluid, flexible, spontaneous, open to new opportunities. Yay!!! That is exactly my thing which I have suppressed for many years. And also being torn by conflicting priorities. I love working on my business, living in my beautiful home, training in my park and cuddling with my cat. I still love those things, and my departure will be bitter-sweet. They are the comfort, safety- loving part of me, and I honoured them for many years. But this year everything at home got infused with my sadness following the break up with my beloved man. It got so heavy that I had to stop, take lots of luggage out and decorate, repaint walls, ceilings, clear clear clear. It took me half a day just to throw rubbish out. And now my home is back to liveable, one more room left to repaint but all the rest is done and sparkling with freshness and hope. Yes hope and faith, which deserted me in January so much so I became to nurture a death wish. It was deep and serious low, of the kind I had not known before. So the path is now cleared, and my home is livable again but it is asking me to clear the last bits of sadness left in me, now that it's fresh and new, it wants me to be fresh and new too and leave it for a while and have some fun, enjoy the sun and the company of good inspiring people who have been doing for years what I've always wanted to do. In the past I have wondered - what is my destiny, what is my role here, am I doing the right thing, how do I know what I'm here to do, how do I know what the correct course of action is? And this is how. This is a universal technique that applies to everyone's life. Are you in the midst of a momentum or are you struggling with obstacles on every step. Obstacles = not the right path. Momentum = correct course of action. Om shanti

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