24 May 2014

A day in bed

The art of being
What a glorious day today spent in bed, restoring and rejuvenating. I'm in the new paradigm of abundance, listening to my body, leaving my body to make all the decisions for me and allowing. When my body says 'rest' I do rest. When my body says 'go' I do go. My body is now promoted to the Chief Executive of my Life because it understands the present moment better than my mind. The present moment is the timeless eternity where abundance resides. Stay present in your body and feel. From that connection Love and Joy are born, the vehicles that take us to abundance. And demote the mind, rushing scared, making plans, setting goals, because it knows only Time. I listen to my body saying 'no, take a step back, don't think about anything, don't worry about anything, just rest and allow. Every goal is resistance, every plan is resistance, stop doing, start being, let go and surrender to the divine plans made for you and allow them to unfold. Shanti shanti   

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