27 February 2013

Yellow for Spring

Just arrived from late night yoga class. When I got there I discovered that I had forgotten my yoga outfit so that was the perfect excuse I was waiting for to grab one of the expensive yoga kits they had in their shop. Bright yellow like the grapes on my profile photo, hot pants and bra-like top, stretchy, soft and extremely comfortable. So I put on my new sparkling yellow outfit and my yoga teacher laughed heartily and everyone else in the class laughed - the bright yellow was so surprising, so so much in your face, that people just laughed with eyes full of wonder and amazement. I looked like a daffodil. I laughed my head off too. The yellow was simply exhilarating. It gave us what we wanted most - the feeling of spring, the feeling that spring is now just around the corner.  I had a fantastic class!

I am not passionate about clothes, in fact I hate clothes shopping, but when it comes to fitness no expenses are spared - yoga classes, dance classes, clubbing, massage, sauna, jacuzzi, coconut water, natural oils, fitness wear... these are essentials to me. Because I believe in fitness. I believe in beauty that is real and sustainable, not cosmetic beauty achieved through light reflecting ingredients, powders and concealers. When the body is worked out regularly - circulation is up to speed and the skin is good, there is no need to conceal anything. With modern skincare it is difficult to know the wood from the trees these days. They all promise results, smashing effects. And they achieve them. The question is how?...

Bilka skincare has no light reflecting particles to improve the look cosmetically, no powders, no concealers. It is made with high amounts of grape extract and other goodies such as shea butter, natural oils, and bio-active ingredients. Bilka skincare helps the skin recover its own natural beauty, where it needs it most, when it needs it most. It also helps us create a new shape if that is what we wish, with its anti-cellulite gel, slimming oil, or breast enlarging gel. On my Pyramid of Beauty (see the blog post with the same title) I placed physical fitness at the bottom and skincare on the top. When these two work in combination, they are formidable patrons of our skin.


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