13 February 2013

My predictions for the Year of the Water Snake


Happy New Year of the Water Snake!  

I am a big fan of the Chinese calendar and amazed how many human virtues and faults the chosen animals represent. So this year on 10 February we moved into the year of the Water Snake. Through the years I have been a keen student of the animals of Chinese astrology and have observed how those years have panned out. Based on that I am sharing my predictions below for the year of the Water Snake.  During each year we take on the character of the ruling animal, as it tries to teach us certain lessons. Read below how I envisage the snake year will affect us.

What human characteristics spring to mind when we think of the snake? Sly and devious describe the nature of the snake but of course that is only its style of self-preservation.  It is a vulnerable creature which thrives on love and music, it enchants and is enchanted by music and beauty of the most refined kind. 

It will be a year of playing our cards close to our chests, discretion, secrecy, tact, technique, timing, diplomacy, sensitivity, vulnerability hidden behind self-protection, lots of sex - the snake will not have it any other way - think the primeval, the instinctual, the pre-thought, that is where action will start from - just as it happens when we fall for someone without any reason or against all our reasons. So a lot of clandestine affairs, secrecy, intimacy. This will be the year of getting off our high horses from the professional year of the Dragon, and turning our sights to intimate relationships and matters. The snake is wise instinctively though not analytically so it won't be sitting around contemplating a lot, but if will be active, doing what it knows best - dancing, healing, loving, enchanting or feeling sorry for itself, as it does when the world is too harsh around it. It is the need for self-protection that motivates it to do all the naughty things such as being devious, calculating and sly. And who doesn't want to be preserved. It is just its style. The problem is it does not want to learn anything from those more confident and braver characters who teach us every day that no matter how much we mess up we are protected and invincible, there is no need to be so self-protective, what is the worst that can happen...

 So there will be clashes of philosophies and values - Tigers, Monkeys, Horses and all of those who like acting impulsively and indulge in risk taking behaviours, will end up being worse off, or at least not as rewarded as in other years. The snake does not like those who win every time, this year there may be some punishments, or frustrations, obstacles when the direct course of action does not materialise and calls for a more refined, more technical, or convoluted plan. Just after we've gathered momentum in the Dragon year when we learnt how to bulldoze to our goals and smash obstacles along the way, we now have to slow down and get technical, and may not be as productive this year, but we will achieve higher quality results in the end. 

Happy New Year of the Water Snake! ♥ 

♥ (⁀‵⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.
..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ .ℒℴѵℯ, Louise….ღ


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