5 January 2013

Just had a psychic reading!


Just days after my New Year Resolution and Christmas wishes (see posts from last week) I am now being told that love is in the horizon big big time! 
I've always wondered what it is like to have a psychic reading, but looking at their prices was enough to put me off, and today this psychic popped up on my screen, Kirsty, quite affordable with some good reviews, so I thought "this is the time to try, let's see what happens."

I told her from the start to be honest and not to spare me any bad news,  I told her 'I'm not coming here to hear good things, I'm coming here to hear the truth, just tell me the truth as it is!"  

She then said she had opened a pack of cards in front of her and all the cards were about love.  She said 3 cards one after the other about love, big big love, she said everything I wished for.  I was taken aback because she definitely managed to tune into my language and how I felt and thought about love.  She said 'you've always wanted a Big Love and this is going to be a Big Love'.  

Kirsty said I've met him already but it has not developed into a relationship yet, but soon it will and  it will very fast and very powerfully.  She said she sees me being in love and getting a marriage proposal by July.  Ooooh, I like that!  I'm the marrying type of girl.  Marriage is my natural state of being.  I function best in a marriage.  And the reason why I haven't shined brightly in men's lives is because I am a long term kind of girl, the one that reveals her virtues slowly.  I believe in process, in getting to know someone.  But has anyone given me a chance to get to know me?  No.  I'm going to be blunt.  The number of sex proposal I have had on first dates...!!!  In the beginning of my dating career I used to find them insulting.  Then I decided it's their lack of social skills and inability for intimacy that is the problem, and has nothing to do with me.  And the search for instant gratification that is our society's trademark.  It has to be fast, it has to be now!  

There is a lot of psychological research which shows that instant gratification has become the predominant mode of thinking and decision-making.  Participants are offered "£5 now", "£20 next week" or "£80 next month".  Most choose "£5 now".  (I don't remember the exact figures but should be in google, quite famous experiment). 

Right, so who cares about getting to know someone and hopefully by next month reaping some rewards from getting to know them, when they can get some sex now!!!  So after so many disappointments I withdrew from dating and decided that the best way to meet someone of good quality and substance who understands the value of mutually supportive love, and who appreciates that it takes time to develop this kind of love, is through recommendation by friends, or matchmaking.  But that has not materialised so far.  

I experienced the closest to Big Love connection so far in my life, with James Bhavaji, but I told  how that ended in the Big Kind of Love post from last month.  Just realised that I haven't actually told his reply to my email, which was classic and illuminated aspects of men's personalities that were a total mystery to me  before.  Will publish it soon under the name a Subtle Kind of Love - which meaning was very similar to Bette Davis' "Why ask for the moon when we can have the stars" (more to follow soon!).  

So, this psychic lady Kirsty said she sees the letter M, probably Michael and the 15th will be an important date.  Today's is 4th, so I can't wait to see what will happen on 15th.  I asked her "good" or "bad", she said "good".   She did manage to tune into my wishes as she said  "get more balance, get more rest and get more fun in your life" - exactly what I was planning...

I don't know whether her prediction will come true or not, I told her I would reveal who she is only if her prediction materialises.  She told me marriage proposal by July, it is recorded here now, so if this happens I will write one awesome review about her skills, but until then, I am remaining hopeful and curious.  


Have you had a psychic reading? How did it work out for you? Did they get things right, wrong or were they entirely off the mark? 

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.ℒℴѵℯ, Bilka….ღ

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