25 December 2012

Christmas Wishes!

Bilka Skincare

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I wish you a warm, loving, nurturing Christmas for your body, heart and soul!

I spent the day listening to music and dancing.  How is your Christmas?

Impatient heart, I'm already making plans for the new year.  
What will you do, what is your plan?  

What did 2012 mean to you and how do you intend to carry on in 2013?

A . 2012 was a year of new beginnings and ends for me, a  lot of things happening outside my control, and a lot of things happening not to my liking.  I told you about my beloved James Bhavaji, in my post The Strong Kind of Love, he came into my life with a lot of promise and all fizzled out into something vague and subtle as he called it "a subtle kind of love".  No thank you, that is not what I want for myself, and I would rather have no love at all than have that flat indifference that was coming from him.  So Number 1 priority for me this year is to get the kind of love that I deserve and that I believe every woman deserves - the Strong Kind of Love.  Wait, you may ask, how do you get something which does not depend on you or at least not entirely?  Well, watch this space - I will tell you. I am more determined than ever to get the love that is long overdue to me, and I will do everything in my power to get it.  He he - that is the factor that depends on me. I think the other factor - what does not depend on me will have to assist me.  I strongly believe that when our wish is sincere the universe will conspire to assist us, or in my personal belief God will help.  
So I am more open than ever for the love of my life, I feel more deserving and more longing for the true romance that will sweep me off my feet and create the sparkle in my life I so much need!
Priority A1, which is very much linked to priority A, for me is to reconnect to my physical and spiritual self, to start doing more things for my well-being, and to stop working so hard.  Or stop working hard doing boring things, and do more of the things that nourish my soul, spirit and heart - listening to music, dancing, singing, going out with friends, writing, meditating....
2012 was a bad year for my soul, had to do lots of boring things such as accounts, submitting VAT returns every three months, speaking to the sexy  (not ) tax advisors at hmrc on the phone every day for some time - couldn't go to bed until I've had my daily fix of an hmrc phone call.  So I learned how to do vat returns, and learned how to do bookeeping, and while doing that - yoga classes stopped, dance classes stopped, music did not sound good any more and meditation was unthinkable luxury.  In other words - I seriously neglected my body, spirit, heart and soul.  Is it worthy?  May be a year of sacrifice, but not more than that.  This year is going to be different.  I owe this to my myself.  Before we want to be loved, liked, respected by others,  it is good to ask  ourselves what do we do to care for our feminine natures, to honour our divine feminine essence?  How do we want to be valued and cherished by men if we don't value and cherish ourselves?
So Priority A3 for me this year will be to give myself a bit more self-love and pampering - one day a week compulsory rest and when possible spa, massage, aromatherapy, and anything my heart desires.  One day a week at least. My grandfather used to say: "Work is not a rabbit to run away" he he but life is, and if don't catch it now, it will run away, leaving us empty-handed and regretful of the missed opportunities to enjoy life.  As honouring our divine feminine natures is honouring life itself.  Let us all celebrate ourselves and each other, pour generous dollops of love on ourselves and each other, and the world will thank us for that.  We are not doing anyone any favours by being over-worked, self-neglecting and bound by duties and responsibilities.

Let's Make 2013 the Year of Love, Caring, Compassion, Kindness, Joy, Passion, and let's begin by practising these virtues towards ourselves first!

(⁀‵⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.
..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ .ℒℴѵℯ, Bilka….ღ

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